Our Services

Micha Usinage Express is renowned for the impeccable quality in the execution of the orders submitted to us, offering a personalized and attentive machining services from the beginning to the end of the process. Our machinists possess exceptional expertise in advanced materials used in component manufacturing. The continuous improvement of our production allows us to achieve optimum productivity and high quality, to respond quickly to the specialized needs of our customers.

Micha Usinage Express offers precision machining and cutting services as well as the technical assistance required for any kind of project or prototype. Most products can be delivered within hours of ordering … Do not hesitate to contact us!


One of the advantages of Micha Usinage Express is the reduction or elimination of machining and raw material losses, good surface finishes and self-lubricating properties as well as a reduction in manufacturing and production costs. Our Waterjet division offers high precision cutting services up to six inches thick.


Our success is based on the success of our customers. At the heart of our work, one goal … perfection! Our philosophy: Customer first!