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Precision machining in Laval
Rebuilt pump casing (rebuilt)
quality control on all our machining projects
Aluminum bronze bushing with grease path
precise estimates for machining projects
Submersible pump adapter
Surface precision machining and good dimensional accuracy
Heat exchanger
Machining of parts and components of complex shapes
Water Filter
Most machined products can be delivered within hours of ordering
Printing mechanism
Custom machining made to measure
Steel stair railing
balancing machining of industrial pumps and vertical turbines
Tracking roller
Quality specialized services, in a timely manner and at a reasonable price
Rebuilt reducer
technical assistance required for any kind of project or prototype
Rebuilt abrasive water pump
specialized repairs and modifications
Printing roller
high-precision cutting up to six inches thick
Vertical turbine assembled after rebuilding the bowls
modification, repair and balancing machining of industrial pumps and vertical turbines
Rebuilt vertical turbine
machining of steel, stainless steel, bronze 660, aluminum, bronze, plastic, titanium, Hastelloy B & C, Nickel, Monel
Rebuilt abrasive water pump
We can cut interior grooves in dimensions up to 1" in width.
32 ’’ part engineered
Precision machining at Micha Usinage Express